10 Things About Me!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Wheew! After hours of web building and two unsuccessful attempts at getting a domain, I finally have a blog!

Slytherin house, where are you at? Much love to all the houses though :)

Where to start? Ummm...hi. I'm Bri. I started this blog in 2018 to hopefully help other students and teachers (or whoever may be reading!) on their pathways to greatness. If you'd like to read more about what this blog is about, you can do so here.

I can't even begin to express how excited I am to start this journey. Now that SMW is up and running, I thought it was about time opened up a little more about myself. If you've already seen my personal website, you would've gotten a glimpse into who I am, but here's another peek for you :)

Honestly, I just had to include some kind of Potter reference.

1. I'm a huge geek. (surprise).

2. I'm a PACE Learner

I don't say this at all to brag or gloat. However, a lot of content that I write is geared towards PACE teachers and students. I try to make all of my posts applicable to all programs and classrooms, but I like to clarify that I've grown up in an environment that is a bit different from the typical classroom. *PACE stands for "Program for Academic & Creative Extension". It's also similar to the "Gifted Program" in many schools and is often considered an introduction to AP/IB high school level courses. Needless to say, I also use the term "PACE" instead of "gifted" whenever I can just because it's what I'm used to and it makes me feel more comfortable.

3. My biggest aspiration is to work in the medical field

I've probably said it a thousand times, but I'm truly a science nerd at heart. My biggest aspiration is to one day work in the medical field where I can impact the lives of others in a positive and meaningful way, problem solve every day, and just begin to fulfill my insatiable curiosity of the sciences. Yes, it's quite an ambitious goal. Medical doctors see humanity it's very best and very worst. It's a career meant for the ones crazy enough to dream for it, pray for it, work for it, and live for it. But I can't imagine myself ever doing anything else. I truly believe that wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity, and I hope that my work impacts the lives of the people around me.

4. I'm a huge bookworm

I read everything from sappy romance to american literature. I'm not really drawn to fantasy-type genres, but if you have any great book recommendations, please leave it down below!

*Note: I'm currently getting a big kick out of historical fiction and medical memoirs. Reading list coming soon!

5. Music makes everything better (in my opinion)

6. Sports. Sports. Sports.

Maybe this is another fact in and of itself, but growing up, I've always been referred to as the tomboy. Whether that's because most of my friends were guys or because I "played rough" as a kid, I'll never know. I grew up as a competitive swimmer, but I'm oddly drawn to winter sports more (I think it's the Canadian part of me). My favourites? Swimming, skiing, field hockey, and track + field. What's next on my list? Snowboarding, surfing, and ice hockey.


If I'm not outside playing sports in the winter, I'm inside watching it.

8. I'm kind of obsessed with musicals

Okay, maybe not obsessed, but definitely cutting it close. Anything from classics like Mamma Mia, Annie, and the Phantom of the Opera (just the soundtrack- the storyline is kind of creepy), to modern Broadway like Hamilton, Dear Evan Hanson (my favourite!), Wicked, Heathers... really, the list goes on.

9. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

I've never really been drawn to sit-coms, but I was required (can you imagine?!) to watch The Office US for my ninth grade English CPT (it was worth 15%!). Evidently, I've fallen in love with it.

10. I'm an only child

Yes, it stinks sometimes, but I'm so grateful to have an awesome (and incredibly annoying) group of friends. Honestly, it's like a have 7 idiot brothers.


As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for future content- seriously, I'd love to hear from you!



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