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Compare the marks you received at mid-term and on your final report card. Where did your marks improve? Where did they decrease?

From my mid-term to final report card, my English, Religion, and Gym mark increased while my Science grade went down 1%.


What explanation can you provide for:

a.) your marks improving from mid-term

b.) your marks decreasing from mid-term

I noticed that my marks in Religion and Gym improved drastically from mid-terms as I became more comfortable with the grading requirements and had more opportunities to demonstrate my understanding through assignments and projects. In English, I tried to remain consistent with my performance and ended up doing well on my exam.


In Science, my grade decreased since mid-term after a poor unit test of only 90%. I worked hard to make up for this mistake and ended up scoring fairly well on my final exam, but it still wasn’t enough to pull up that 1 %. Because of this experience, I now know area of science that I need to focus and improve on, and understand that every test counts!

Look at the evaluation of your learning skills. Was there a change from mid-term to your final report card in any of the skills? Provide some possible explanations. To learn more about what these learning skills entail, click here.
While there were no changes in the evaluation of my learning skills from mid-terms to my final report card, I hope to continue developing and practicing these skills.

What do you believe to be your strengths in terms of your academic performance?  Specific subjects? Learning skills? Why do you think these are areas of strength?

I think my strengths lie in both public speaking and written communication. I find that I enjoy sharing the information I have learnt in all subjects, and feel that my Communication Learning Skills and English mark reflect this.

Which areas or skills do you need to work on this semester? Why is it important to further develop these areas or skills? What do you think the outcome will be?
This semester, my goal is to improve my time-management skills and become a more efficient worker. It is important that I practice these skills now because the future will only bring more responsibilities and therefore an increasing need to be productive with my time.

What was your attendance like in Semester 1 (i.e. lates and absences)? What do you know about the impact that attendance can have on your achievement in school? What can you do to improve your attendance?
My attendance record in Semester 1 was pretty consistent and satisfactory. I only missed classes for an urgent doctor’s appointment in December, and I made sure that I caught up on my missed work and that I wasn’t absent during any important lessons. I think it is important and necessary to develop a good work ethic and responsible habits at this age, so that we are prepared for the pressure and responsibility that comes with being in the workforce.

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