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I've probably had that good 'ole bucket list scribbled on the back of my fifth grade math notebook for quite some time now. However, I didn't find myself crossing things off my list anywhere near the rate I was hoping to. That's why I created my Impossible List.


I began to turn the things I always thought I'd get to later in my life into goals I can track and accomplish now. It's inspired me to get more involved in initiatives I care about (such as IYC and Model UN), as well as push myself to venture out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would have done before.


That being said, this list is pretty personal but I like to keep it documented on my blog as a reminder of how far I've come and to hopefully inspire you guys.


If you'd like to create your own Impossible List, I'd highly suggest visiting the creator of the first Impossible List, Joel Runyon, over at his blog Impossible HQ. He has a ton of great tips and ideas to get you started :)





Start a school club- Model UN, October 2018

  • Attend a MUN Conference- SOMA, March 2019

  • Prepare + organize a team for SOMA 2020

Play on a school sports team- Field Hockey, September 2018

  • Play a tier 1 game- October 2018

  • Play varsity tier 1 for a full season

Bronze Cross Certification- 2016

  • National Lifeguard Certification

Learn to ski comfortably on Black- Mt. St. Louis, December 2017

  • Learn to Snowboard



Participate in a community social justice initiative

  • ME to WE, WE DAY 2016

  • BandAID in support of Pencils for Kids

  • Fair Trade week

Raise $1600 for Orphans in Vietnam- December 2012

  • Raise a total of $2000 for the Victims of Dioxin at HoaBinh Village of Tu Du Hospital and the "Lighting the Dream" Program- March 2019

  • Continuing to support orphans in Vietnam

    • 2016

    • 2017

    • 2018

    • 2019


​Maintain a +95 overall high school average

Complete a 4-year french diploma


Learn to surf

Live abroad for over 3 weeks

Visit every continent:

  • North America

  • South America

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Africa

  • Australia

  • Antarctica​




The IMPOSSIBLE LIST is more than just a bucket list. It's an ever-evolving compilation of goals and challenges that inspire you to take action. Put simply, it's a collection of experiences that reflect where you come from and what you want to accomplish, expanding the boundaries of what you think is possible for yourself.

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