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An open letter to my future self

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

To be opened October 2023

Dear future Bree,

I hope this letter finds you in good time. If you are reading this when I intend, you would be well into your first or second year of university and maybe even a recent UWC alumni- congratulations! Sixteen-year-old you can hardly contain her excitement!

Future self, this letter is not meant to tell you anything you don’t already know. On the contrary, it’s meant to remind you of the dreams and aspirations that motivated you in the past. 2019 has been a year of great ups and downs- we’ve managed to surprise ourselves by the magnitude of our drive, and even more so by our enduring spirit. You’ve overcome some pretty major obstacles to get where you are, be proud! I hope you never forget the lessons you learned along the way.

(Just last week, for instance, we learned from experience why you should never boil CopperIISulphate in a flask. Spoiler alert: It will explode. Three cheers for Chemistry!)

Where are you now? Where have you been and what have you seen? Most importantly, how did it make you feel? I’m just itching to get out and explore the world and I hope you've had the opportunity to make that a reality.

Are you still the Potterhead and crazy broadway fanatic you are today? Gee, I sure hope so. After all, what better way to spend an otherwise quiet evening than an impromptu self-rendition of Les Miserables? Speaking of which, have you discovered any life-changing reads recently? Currently, I’m getting a big kick out of historical fiction and medical memoirs. Let me know how that goes.

On a (slightly) more profound note, you’ll probably want to hear some words of wisdom from younger you. I’m not an expert, a guru, or an old person with a lot of years under their belt, but here’s what I do know.

Challenge yourself. Do what's uncomfortable and scary but pays off in the long run. Like that time you pitched yourself off a mountain in Mount St. Louis and sort of accidentally discovered your love for skiing.

Remember to check up on your friends. Don't forget to thank the people who helped you conquer your fears- no matter how small. Those are the people you want to keep in your life.

Maybe you’re not exactly where you want to be yet. That’s okay too. Just remember that right now- the girl with big dreams and an even bigger drive- she’s a part of you, too.

I hope going out into the world doesn’t make you crumble, but builds you up. I hope that you never limit yourself or what you aspire to be. I hope you will focus on the parts of life that make you feel the most alive. The ones that make you smile until your cheeks hurt and laugh until your stomach aches. I’ve always admired how fiercely compassionate and caring you are- I sincerely hope you haven’t lost that.

Finally, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, never forget where you come from, and never lose sight of what you stand for. Dream hard. Work harder. You’ve got this.

Lots of love,



As always, feel free to reach out with any questions- seriously, I'd love to hear from you!

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