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First Term!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Good morning/evening/afternoon dear reader!

This week I am once again taking you back several months to an entry I wrote around Christmastime last year. We're well into term 2 at Pearson and I'm not sure what kept me from posting this at the time, but I hope you enjoy!

This past term has been surreal. Crazy busy, yes, but in the most chaotically wonderful way possible. So much has happened it feels like I've been here for so long yet not long at all? It's only first term and time is moving too fast! Sometimes I feel like two years won't be enough time at this place. But not to worry! I certainly have a lot to reflect on a long ways to go here.

Academically, I'm really enjoying all of my classes. French HL continues to push me a fair ways out of my comfort zone, seeing as I'm relatively quiet and don't often speak up as much as I should. Practicing with my roommate, the most endearing Québécoise you'll ever meet, has definitely helped a lot and I'm so grateful to have such a good relationship with all my fellow Vic House 🐍 room 5s. It wasn't until the few stressful/anxious times we had on campus that I truly came to appreciate the safety and comfort of my room. It's reassuring to know that I can always talk to my roommates about anything on my mind and being someone who tends towards introversion, reassuring to know that I'm able to relax and recharge in my own space.

For all the new zero-years preparing to embark on their UWC journey, I sincerely hope you'll find yourself in a room with people who are there to make you laugh in the best of times and talk in bed for hours when you just need a hug. I can't thank my roommates enough for all the late-night dance parties and midnight instant noodle runs. My houseparents are also so lovely and we've made some good memories cooking brunch and playing with Connor, Kevin, and Malakai 🐱😸😽 at their place :)

As for all other aspects of Pearson life (because there are many), where do I even begin? I adore my CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) with all my heart 💗- the people are amazing, Travis, the activities coordinator, is awesome, and kayaking out on the ocean is one of the best feelings in the world 🌊. This past term, I got my shoremaster training, wilderness first aid certification, and gained a little more paddling experience. A small team of kayakers, paddlers, and wilderness leaders also got together over service week to make some improvements to the waterfront equipment and Wilderness HQ. Should that be of interest, you can read about it in a post to come!

I'll never get tired of this nighttime view

In another regard, social time at Pearson has been going pretty well. Admittedly, my social circle is definitely not as wide as I wish it was, but I also know that I have pretty close relationships with those whom I have gotten to know. So far, balancing the famous Pearson College trio (sleep/study/socialize) has been pretty manageable! I mean, I'm 100% rushing this reflection because I have final term projects and tests to hand in, but I'm looking forward to the break where I can spent more time with people outside of my classes and next term when I can get to know my teachers better.

Speaking of which, I'm also really excited to be helping Devin in the lab on days when my classes end early or I'm granted a free block. A little while ago we were matched with student jobs and I landed the role of a math tutor and shoremaster. While those sound great, I was secretly hoping for lab assistant before realizing that I really don't need a job title to help out! I've always loved the sciences and it's thrilling to spend time in the lab outside my class, especially because we didn't have an official one back at my old school :)

Switching topics again to talk about some of the projects I've engaged in this past term. Race Rocks and hiking club have been plenty of fun. In Race Rocks in particular, we've tackled some cool projects and made a fair amount of progress towards our goal of a 48-hour Race Rocks educational curriculum. Unfortunately, we weren't able to physically get out to race rocks this term but I'm glad we made the most of the resources we had. Most notably, we have published some interviews with past Eco guardians and biologists/scientists with connections to the Island. We've also created a website filled with information on the history of Race Rocks and its significance to the biodiversity of the area as well as the traditional spiritual and cultural connections it holds with several different fist nations.

One thing at Pearson that I have had a little more difficulty adjusting to is the overwhelming sense of idealism that seems to be strongly prevalent among students on campus. There is something quite admirable about the fact that so many students aren't afraid to challenge administrative figures at the College, yet I do believe there comes a point where criticism becomes unproductive, especially when solutions aren't being brought forth to match complaints. When it comes to this idea in practice, I've found myself on the other side of majority in some discussions where the focus has been primarily centered around assigning blame to someone or something rather than considering other possibilities. Anyway, it's all part of the Pearson experience! I certainly don't expect to always have the same opinion as others and in fact, some very fun and interesting conversion have arose because of it! :)

Overall, term 1 at Pearson has been incredible. I can't wait for what's to come.


Ps. UWC applications (click the hyperlink) are still open in some countries! For those who are waiting to hear back from their national committees- set tight and hang in there!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions :D

Until next time,

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